Repair of combined heat and power plants

Thorough inspection of your CHP plants

In addition to our range of repair and maintenance services, we are also there for our customers in the field of repair of combined heat and power plants. Our team is dedicated and experienced and has a qualified training to professionally carry out all necessary work.

Especially in the repair of engines, we are very well versed. Our employees usually find and correct the cause of malfunctions very quickly and ensure that your system can be operated faultlessly.

Our specialist company attaches great importance to a thorough inspection during the repair in order to keep the effort as low as possible. We will review and repair engine parts that include cylinder heads, camshafts, crankcases, and pre-lubricating pump assemblies. But also injectors, turbocharger, and starter can be checked and repaired by us.

Qualified retrofitting of your engines

In addition, we are there for you when it comes to the review and repair of other parts such as the gas control system for gas engines, catalytic converters, the heat extraction with exhaust and cooling water heat exchangers and table coolers, pumps and valves.

We also carry out conversion work such as the conversion of gasoline engines to biogas and vegetable oil to natural gas engines.