We specialize in the design and construction of power plants that rely on renewable energy. In particular, these include combined heat and power plants, which we develop specifically for our customers. The support of existing facilities is also part of our portfolio. We are happy to take over the planning of industrial switchboards for you.

We offer power producers the opportunity to rely on sustainable energy. For this purpose, we develop combined heat and power plants that make full use of the energy produced on site. We also offer support for existing plants.

Combined heat and power plants have a modular structure and are used to generate electrical energy and heat. They are preferably operated where the heat is actually consumed. In this way, it is possible to feed the useful heat into the district heating network. Combined heat and power plants use the principle of combined heat and power.

The generator is powered by internal combustion engines, gas turbines or Stirling engines.

Combined heat and power plants have the advantage that they have a higher total efficiency than is the case with the usual combination of local heating and central power plant. The waste heat generated during power generation is used directly on site. The efficiency of power generation is between 25 and 38 percent, depending on how big the plant is.