If you want to use the waste heat completely locally, you can achieve a total efficiency of 80 to 90 percent using a combined heat and power plant using primary energy.

Our usual CHP modules have electrical outputs of one kilowatt (kW) up to several tens of megawatts (MW). Modules below 50 kW are mini combined heat and power (mini-CHP) and for micro-CHPs below 15 kW. But you can also order systems with less than 2.5 kW from us.

They are also called nano-CHP. The mini and micro-CHP is mainly used in residential and business quarters, swimming pools, hospitals and apartment buildings. But also companies and settlements benefit from them. Models of our Nano CHP class are also suitable for single-family homes.

Also, combined heat and power plants benefit from the combined heat and power of combined heat and power plants, with the typical electrical power output of just a few megawatts.